The Jeep Renegade (Not to be confused with the Jeep Wrangler) is a concept car of the US American company Jeep. The car was first exhibited at the North American International Auto Show of 2008. The Renegade's main feature is the hybrid engine. The model will remain a study model for the moment and will not be further developed.

Model Edit

According to Jeep, The Jeep Renegade is made from minimal components, the chassis and the car interior are made from a single piece of aluminum. The floor of the car is designed in such a fashion that that any water is immediately discharged outside. The car is reportedly fully recyclable.

Engine Edit

The Renegade is the first Jeep that has a hybrid drive. The engine consists of two electric motors which each produce 134 hp as well as a 1.5L Bluetec diesel engine, which produces 115 hp. The total range of the car is 650 km, thanks to the electric drive.

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