The JCB Si-draulic was the 2nd hydraulic loader built by JCB. The loader was an attachment for a tractor and featured a mono boom design.

JCB Si-draulic loader - A11

The JCB Si-draulic on a Ferguson tractor


Model historyEdit

The loader was introduced in 1953 and bolted on to the tractor frame. It was lighter than the earlier Major Loader, so was suitable for the light er Ferguson tractors. It was sold for £75.[1]

It sold around 6,000 in the UK with another 20,000 made in France under license by ?

The competitionEdit

Other early loader include the MIll-loader by Midland Industries and the Horn-draulic loaders by Steel Fabrications Ltd who later also builta backhoe loader. Essex company Whitlock Bros. also added a loader to their range of attachments and were also later to compete in the backhoe loader market.

Surviving examples in preservationEdit

Do any examples survive ? Yes

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  1. JCB "The First Fifty Years" published by JCB for their fiftieth anniversary.

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