JCB Hydra-Digga
A JCB Hydra-Digger at work on a farm
Model history
Model introduced 1957
Model discontinued 1960
Model status Discontinued
Preceded by JCB 1 Digger
Superseded by JCB 4
Fuel type Diesel
Power hp Unknown
Cooling system Water
Transmission type Unknown
Drive 2-WD
Linkage Category Unknown
Plow rating Unknown
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The JCB Hydra-Digga + Loadall 65 was an early models built by JCB in 1957 with its innovative "Hydrachassis". This model was larger than the JCB 1 Digger which was discontinued in 1956 after 200 were built. Production of the Hydra-Digga/Loadall was in excess of 2000 units. The Hydra-Digga design formed the basis for the JCB 4 introduced in 1960 and the later JCB 3C of 1961.


JCB Hydra-digga at pickering 09 - IMG 3056

Hydra Digga backhoe attachment

The Hydra-Digga was fitted to a Fordson Major tractor as the base power unit.

The list price in July 1957 was £1,890 5s 6D ex works, ex VAT & Buckets extra.

Loadall 65Edit

The Loadall 65 was a front Loader unit with the innovative "Hydrachasssis" that used the frame as the Hydraulic Oil reservoir, with the hydraulic pump driving of the end of the tractor engines crankshaft. The unit was generally factory fitted to a Fordson Major and wrapped round the engine, transferring most of the load to the rear axle.


  • Engine - Non (Fitted on to Tractor Skid unit)
  • Lift Capacity -
  • Bucket volume -
  • Load over height -


JCB Hydra-Digga at Pickering 09 - IMG 3050

An immaculate example seen at Pickering Steam Rally 2009

Very few of these have been restored. A few are still working in semi-retirement in yards and on small holdings.

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  • JCB Fifty Golden Years, By Construction News/JCB, pub 1995.

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