JCB 1D dumper of A. McLeod at cromford 2010 - IMG 0393

A rare restored JCB 1D dumper

The JCB 1D dumper was introduced in the late 1960s to compliment the diggers but it did not sell well against the established makes such as Thwaites, Benford and Barford, etc. and was soon dropped from the range.

The JCB 1D had a single cylinder petter engine like most similar machines of the time with a 3 speed gear box and 2 wheeldrive. It had a ?CWT capacity manual tip skip


a few examples survive and have been restored.

Latter modelsEdit

JCB re-entered the dumper market in the 1990s with the 700 series of forward control dumpers which were more a small ADT.


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