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The JCB 1 Digger was a compact machine powered by a 2 cylinder Petter engine, introduced by JCB in 1963.

JCB 1 Digger at Astwoodbank 2008

JCB 1 Digger at Astwoodbank show 2008

JCB1 rack and pinion slew - IMG 4083

The Rack and pinion slewing on a JCB 1


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  • 2-Cylinder Petter diesel engine
  • Transmission
  • Full cab, opening rear window
  • Back filling blade
  • Back actor (backhoe)
    • Dig depth
    • Reach
    • Load over height
    • Slew range
    • Slewing - Rack and pinion
    • Bucket capacity

Preserved machinesEdit

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Reg No. Year Built Serial No. Owner
(if Known)
Image Seen at
(list an event)
Notes / Ref
reg ? 1963 10006/7/63 JCB Ltd Image needed LHB JCB World HQ Staffordshire Machine No.6 (1st production model built)
 ? July 1963 10007/7/63 Buntons Plant Hire Image needed LHB Bunton collection No7 1st machine Sold commercialy[1]
665 HOR 1963 10026/8/63 Mike Eacock collection JCB 1 - of Mike Eacock at Gloucester 09 - IMG 4417 Gloucestershire Steam Rally [2]
Not registered Sept 1963 10029/9/63 B&B Construction JCB1 no.29 B B con (mansfield) IMG 4080 Bernard Saunders Working Day 2008 nr Mansfield In the livery of B+B construction. This machine had been sold in 2006 at Cheffins for £6,600 + commission.
EUG 130F 1964 (7) 10061/3/64 Owned by Andrew McLeod of ABM Plant Hire Jcb wiki Cromford Steam Rally 100% rebuilt and restored. Brought for £3,300 Nov 2009 In poor condition after attempted restoration.[3]
 ? 1964 10062/5/64 Farish Image needed LHB Carlisle Airport Vintage Show purchased from Kilmarnock in 1990 in pieces and a bad state it has been restored over many years
AFL 674B 1964 10080/10/64 Rumsby & Sons Plant Hire JCB 1 Digger sn 10080 reg AFL 674B at ECTS 2013 - IMG 9144 Eastern Counties Tractor Show 2011 Rebuilt after 10 years in storage
JAT 240D A10224 Richard Mooney Carrick Plant Hire Ltd Jcb 1 cph Co Down Northern Ireland Bought in July 2010 in a sorry state and was given a 100% rebuild.
BXA 926B 196? - J.C. Balls & Sons JCB 1 fitted with Petter engine At Cromford Steam Rally Used to stand on "The Excavator" pub roof.
Featured in CP&M
CWP 309B 196? -  ? JCB 1 Digger at Astwoodbank 2008 Astwood Bank Show
NRE 552F 196? A10285 owned by M Yates Image needed LHB seen at found in Crewe in working order
KEC 763J 196?  ? MacKay ? Image needed LHB Distington Vintage Rally seen on flickr (photo here)
JYO 920D 196?  ? Unknown Image needed LHB At an Agricultural machinery Show Seen on flickr Here posted by user:Tracshovel.
No reg no seen year S/n ? owner ? JCB 1 digger sn ? and dumper at Welland 2012 - IMG 0416 Welland 2012 Working witha JCB Dumper
No reg no seen year ? S/n ? owner ? JCB 1 digger sn ? at Onslow Park 2012 - IMG 8253 (72) at Onslow Park 2012 In working order
No reg no seen year ? S/n ? owner ? JCB1 Grave digger at Chipping 2013 - IMG 6298 at Chipping Steam Fayre 2013 In working area
reg year S/n owner Image needed LHB seen at notes

the pictures of the machine at welland & onslow park are of the same machine owned by m yates above.

Prices / valuesEdit

(Based on the adverts + auction results in the vintage machinery magazines)

  • Ex farm machines can be found from a few hundred pounds for a rough machine, but getting scarcer. A tidy running example could fetch a £1000 + unrestored.
  • A new record for a restored JCB Gravedigger was set on 22nd April 2006. when JCB 1 s/n 10029 of 1963 was sold for £6,600 + commission at the Cheffins sale. This machine had been professionally restored by Vintage Construction Plant Co.. (Featured above)[4]

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References / sourcesEdit

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  2. photo of 665 HOR
  3. Classic Plant & Machinery Magazine, Vol8 no.5 , p10
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