Iveco PowerStar
Manufacturer Iveco
Production 1990s-??
Assembly Dandenong, Victoria, Australia
Ferreyra, Córdoba, Argentina

The Iveco PowerStar is an Australian developed and built prime mover, assembled in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia and Ferreyra, Córdoba, Argentina (only for export to Australia). It is based on the European Cab-Over-Engine models, but with a bonnet, it was available as both a day cab, as well as a sleeper cab. When first released in the late 1990’s, it was available with Iveco engines, and also American engines, including Detroit Diesel’s Series 60, Cummins ISM, ISX and Signature and Caterpillar C12 and C15. A selection of transmissions was also available, such as Iveco’s ZF “Eurotronic”, Eaton’s RoadRanger and Eaton’s automated manual the Autoshift. Rear diffs were usually Meritor units, drive shafts were usually Spicer 1810 series on the main shaft and 1710 series on the jack shaft between the two diffs. Rear suspension was either Hendrickson HAS461 or NeWay. Electrical system was a 24 volt system.

The Iveco PowerStar could be rated for single trailer use all the way to multi-trailer road train applications.

Initially the first generation PowerStar was very popular with operators who had traditionally only brought North American sourced prime movers, due to the fact the PowerStar could be sourced with the same driveline as their North American Prime Movers, but with the comfort of a European cab. The PowerStar was very well priced also.

The second generation PowerStar, based on the newer European Stralis cab-over-engine design, was initially not available with the North American driveline, but the Iveco Cursor engine and EuroTronic II Transmission only. Because of this the second generation PowerStar was not as popular as the first generation with the American driveline.

However, from 2010 the Cummins ISX engine was again made available with coupled to the EuroTronic II 16 speed transmission, alongside the Iveco Cursor engine in the model line up.


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