International TD-9B series
International TD9BPS 1964
International TD-9B Power Shift 1964
Model history
Model introduced 1962
Model discontinued 1974
Model status Discontinued
Preceded by International TD-9 Series 92
Superseded by International TD-8E
Engine Specification
Engine make International Harvester
Fuel type Diesel
Power hp 66/75
No. of Cylinders 6
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type 5-speed
Drive tracked
Linkage Category Unknown
Plow rating Unknown
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The 'International TD-9B series of diesel crawler tractors was built by the International Harvester company from 1962 to 1974.

Model historyEdit

For Company history, see International Harvester.

In mid 1962 the extensively revised International TD-9B replaced the International TD-9 Series 92. The new model continued to use the turbocharged 6-cylinder diesel engine and 5-speed direct-drive transmission of the TD-9 Series 92 but it was heavier by about 1,400 lb. It was evenly matched with the Allis-Chalmers HD-6B and Caterpillar D-4C. The International was built through 1974.

The International TD-9B Agricultural Crawler had its governed speed increased by 150 rpm, compared with the regular TD-9B, boosting pto hp from 66 to 75 and drawbar hp from 56 to 60. It took several years for other manufacturers to come up with similar agricultural specials. In 1967 Allis-Chalmers brought out its Allis-Chalners HD-6 Turbocharged Farm Crawler with 90 gross hp and more weight than the International. That same year the Caterpillar D-4D Special Application was even heavier than the A-C and developed 90 net hp and 68 drawbar hp. By 1972 the Agricultural Crawler was renamed the International TD-9B Custom Appication

The 1964 International TD-9B Power Shift was really a power reverser coupled to a manual 2-speed transmission with torque converter. Instead of the turbocharged 1,700 rpm International DT-282 engine of the gear-drive TD-9B, the power shift version used a non-turbocharged D-282 running at 2,300 rpm. This increased the net hp from 66 to 75. The closest competition for this TD-9B in 1964 was the 72-hp power shift Allis-Chalmers HD-6EP. The Case 750 was a somewhat smaller tractor with a smaller engine running at lower rpm than the International. Caterpillar did not offer power shift in the D-4 until 1967 when the 65-hp D-4D became available with a 3-speed full power shift. At the same time Case replaced the 750 with the 72 pto hp Case 850. In mid-1972 Caterpillar raised the governed rpm of the D-4D, increasing the pto hp to 75. The International TD-9B was restyled in 1968 with new hood side panels and a new grille guard with slightly rounded edges. After 1974 International dropped the TD-9B, as its place in the line was taken up by the TD-8E.

Timeline Edit

  • 1962 - TD-9B replaced TD-9 Series 92
  • 1963 - TD-9B Agricultural Crawler added
  • 1964 - TD-9B Power Shift added
  • 1968 - TD-9B series restyled
  • ~1972 - TD-9B Custom Application replaced Agricultural Crawler
  • 1974 - TD-9B discontinued

Model lineupEdit

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Factory locations Edit

Serial Numbers Information Edit

Year Serial no. run
Serial no. run
Number Built Notes
1962 6502 7454 953
1963 7455 8898 1444
1964 8899 10445 1547
1965 10446 11684 1239
1966 11685 12583 899
1967 12854 14000 1417
1968 14001 14827 827
1969 14828 15529 702
1970 15530 15964 435
1971 15965 16242 278
1972 16243 16498 256
1973 16499 16731 233
1974 16732
Total built 10030[2]

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References / Sources Edit

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