International I-12
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Model history
Model introduced 1937
Model discontinued 1938
Model status Discontinued
No. produced 1,179
Superseded by International I-14
Engine Specification
Engine make International
Fuel type gasoline
Power hp 19 belt
Governed rpm 2000
Displacement cu in /(litre) 113 ci
No. of Cylinders 4
Bore in (mm) 3
Stroke in (mm) 4
Cooling system Water
Naturally aspirated, Turbo or Supercharged NA
Transmission Details
Transmission type sliding gear
Gearbox make International
Forward 3
Reverse 1
Drive 2-WD
General Data
Linkage Category Drawbar
Tyre Sizes (std/options)
Front 6.00-9
Rear 9.00-24
Tractor Dimensions
Length (inches/metres) 99 in
Height (inches/meters) 52 in
Weight (nominal) lb/kg 3200 lb
Turning circle (nominal) inches/meters 18.5 ft
Wheelbase 60 in
Other info
Factories Tractor Works, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Plow rating
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The International I-12 was built by International Harvester from 1937 to 1938 in the Chicago, Illinois Tractor Works factory, USA.

Model historyEdit

The International I-12 industrial tractor was a renamed McCormick-Deering I-12 with no mechanical changes. The company was beginning a gradual shift to the International name for all of its standard-tread and crawler models.

Timeline Edit

Factory locations Edit

  • International Harvester Tractor Works, Chicago, Illinois, USA


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Variations and Options Edit

F-12, W-12, O-12 

Serial numbers and production figuresEdit

Year Serial run Number Built[1] Notes (Total built 1,179).
1937 IS1525-2494 970
1938 IS2495-2703 209

Preserved modelsEdit

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  1. Klancher, Lee 1996. International Harvester Photographic History, Motorbooks International, Osceola, Wisconsin, p.125

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