This engine has superseded the DVT-573 in 1968 (which was produced between 1962-1968, and had a rotary Roosamaster injection pump).

It's a compact 573 ci, 4 stroke, V8 turbodiesel. This is a 90° V, with a single polydyne camshaft inside the "V", 2 valves per cylinder, watercooled, and a square design with 4.5 inches bore/stroke.

This new engine had a new Bosch V-Pump like German M.A.N D2658 & D2858 type V8 engines (mainly fitted in trucks).

When the DT-466 has been introduced in 1972, the DVT-573B shared the same turbocharger which was smaller, and a classic in-line Bosch replaced the previous V-pump.

We can see applications of this engine on International Harvester engine list.

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