The International Harvester DT-239 engine is a four-stroke, four-cylinder diesel engine, produced by International Harvester. It is a wet-sleeve engine meaning that the cylinder liners are in direct contact with the water jacket. There is also a D-239 engine that is identical other than the DT series having a turbocharger. D series engines means direct injection while DT series means direct injection and turbocharged. These engines were used in many applications such as the International 125 track loader used the DT-239 just as the International TD-8 dozer, which were essentially the same machine with many interchangable parts. The D series saw use in the International 260 backhoe loader on rubber-tires and the International 574 farm tractor. The DT series was prone to blowing head gaskets and both D and DT series engines were notorious for cracking the block between the second and third cylinder liners.

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