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International DCO-405
International 1964 DCO-405.jpg
International 1964 DCO-405 tilt-cab tractor at American Truck Historical Society show, Fresno, California, 2001. Owner: Terry Fortier
Manufacturer International Harvester Co.
Introduced date 1957
Discontinued date 1964
Preceding model International DC-405
Superseded by CO-4000D
Production locations Emeryville, California
Capacity tons/GVW/GCW 29500 lb GVW, 79000 lb GCW
Make Cummins (Detroit Diesel optional)
Model NH-180 (NT-335 optional, Detroit 8V-71N in show truck
Fuel diesel
Cooling water
Cylinders 6 (V6 or V8 2-cycle optional, V8 in show truck)
Displacement ci / L 672 ci (743 or 855 ci optional, 567 ci 2-cycle in show truck)
Power HP @ rpm 180 @ 2100 (335 @ 2100 optional, 318 @ 2100 in show truck)
Gearbox make (model) Fuller 5W74 (Fuller Roadranger R-96 in show truck)
Gears (forward speeds) 5 (10, 12, 15, 20 optional, 10-speed x 2-speed axle in show truck)
Axles & drive
Wheels/drive 4x2
Rear Axle Make (Model) International RA-146 2-speed
Tires standard/optional 10.00-20 12-ply dual rear (on show truck) / 11.00-22 dual rear
Shipping weight 10480 lb
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In 1957 the DCO-405 high tilt cab 4-wheel tractor replaced the DC-405 non-tilting COE. The new cab was based on the Diamond T cab of the CO-180 to CO-220 series, but mounted much higher to clear big-bore diesel engines and the required big radiator. The DCO-405 used big 743 ci Cummins engines ranging from the 165-hp HRB-600 to the 335-hp turbocharged NRTO-6B. In 1958 the HRB-600 was increased to 175 hp, the HRFB-600 to 190, and the NHB-600 to 220 hp. Later in the year Cummins combined the smaller 672ci displacement of the old HB-600 with the 4-valve heads of the NHB-600 to create the 180-hp NH-180, which became the standard engine in all of International’s big-bore diesels. At the same time the 743ci NHB-600 was renamed the NH-220.

In 1959 the DCO-405 was restyled slightly with new dual headlights (reverting to singles later). In mid-1961 it gained several new engine choices. Cummins increased the bore of the 743 ci engine by 3/8" to create an 855 ci version. The 855 ci 335-hp turbocharged NT-335 replaced the 743 ci 335-hp NRTO-6. At the same time 2-cycle Detroit Diesels were made available in the series: the 218-hp 6-cylinder 6-71N, the 218-hp V6 6V-71N, and the 290-hp V8 8V-71N. Also newly available were two International-built engines, the 250-hp naturally-aspirated D-817 and the 375-hp turbocharged DT-817.

International used the DCO-405 as the basis for the DCO-405L lightweight model, with the mid-range Cummins JT-6B diesel, and the VCO-405L with International V8 gasoline engines.

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