The International 500 series was made up of compact crawler tractors built by the International Harvester company from 1965 to 1978 in the USA.

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International 500E wide gauge 1975

International 500E Paydozer wide-gauge 1975

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The 500 crawlers, gas and diesel, replaced the International T-340 Series A and TD-340 Series A. The 500 was the same size as the T-340, with the same choice of track gages and the same overall length, but it weighed considerably more, partly as a result of wider standard tracks. The 500’s gasoline engine was the 145 ci 4-cylinder from the 424 wheel tractor. It developed about the same power as the 135 ci four in the old T-340 Series A. The 500 diesel tractor used the British-built 154 ci 4-cylinder from the 424 diesel wheel tractor. It was slightly less powerful than the 166 ci 4-cylinder of the old TD-340 Series A.

The gasoline-powered 500 crawler competed directly with the gasoline-powered Allis-Chalmers H-3, Case 310G, and John Deere 350 and was larger and more powerful than the Oliver OC-4B. The diesel-powered 500 competed with the diesel versions of those same tractors plus the Massey-Ferguson 2244 and updated MF200.

In 1969 the redesigned and restyled 500C replaced the 500. The gasoline engine was unchanged, except for increasing the rpm to 2500, but the diesel was a new 155 ci 3-cylinder built in the Neuss, Germany factory. in 1974 the 500C was upgraded to become the diesel-only 500E.

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Ontario, Canada

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International 500D crawler loader at Belvoir 2012 - IMG 0568

Restored International 500D crawler loader at Belvoir Castle Steam Festival 2012

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