International 340 Grove
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Model history
Model introduced 1958
Model discontinued 1963
Model status Discontinued
Engine Specification
Engine make International
Engine model International C-135 gasoline or D-166 diesel
Fuel type gasoline or diesel
Power hp 34 belt, 32 drawbar (39 belt 36 drawbar diesel)
Governed rpm 2000
Displacement cu in /(litre) 135 ci (166 ci diesel)
No. of Cylinders 4
Bore in (mm) 3.25"
Stroke in (mm) 4.0625"
Cooling system Water
Naturally aspirated, Turbo or Supercharged NA
Transmission Details
Transmission type 5-speed sliding gear plus 2-speed planetary
Gearbox make International
Forward 10
Reverse 2
Drive 2-WD
General Data
Linkage Category 2-point or 3-point "Fast Hitch"
Tyre Sizes (std/options)
Front 7.50-16
Rear 16.9-26
Tractor Dimensions
Height (inches/meters) 65"
Weight (nominal) lb/kg 4470 lb gasoline (4640 lb diesel)
Turning circle (nominal) inches/meters 18 ft
Wheelbase 73"
Plow rating 3
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The International 340 Grove was an orchard and grove tractor built by International Harvester from 1958 to 1963 in the US.

Model history

Main article: International Harvester

For basic utility model see: International 340. For industrial version see: International 340 Industrial

The International 340 Grove was based on the 340 utility but with added shielding to cover the engine, wheels, and steering wheel. The headlights were mounted below the radiator.

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