Industrial tractors is a term generally used to signify a tractor not built for Agricultural use. They are generally not fitted with 3-Point Linkages, just a draw bar, as the main application is for pulling operations in factories. Most of the major manufactures sell a range of tractors that have different specifications from the main Agricultural range. They are often more basic designs, fitted with a general purpose type tyre for road and yard use.

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The first Industrial Versions were built to replace Stream Road locomotives pulling loads on roads and in factory yards. The first agricultural models had Lug wheels so industrial versions had solid rubber tyres, or had the lugs removed and rubber Blocks fitted to steel wheel rims, an alternative was timber blocks for some applications.

By the late 1920's Industrial models looked more like Lorries or cars with Mud guards extending into a full skirt and a drivers Cabin, often with room for 2 men began to appear.

By the 2nd world war the Industrial tractor had been adapted to perform various roles, such as Aircraft tug, Armaments Tug, Balloon Winch tractor, Recovery Vehicals etc.

The first Specialist machines for industrial uses also appeared with early mobile cranes, loaders and dumpers built on tractor skid units appearinf from manufactures who took a machine and adapted it for its new use.

In the UK a lot of these conversions were on Fordson units from the 1930 onward. Machines included Rollers, Tow Tractors, Winch units, Trenchers, Rail yard Shunters, Dumpers, Loaders and cranes by ,Chaseside, rail locomotives, dumpers and loaders by Muir-Hill, Loaders by Bray, Trenchers by Howard.

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Conversions by Others for industrial applications

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