A Illonis super-drive at Carrington Steam Rally 2009

The Illinois Tractor Co. was based in Bloomington, Illinois, in the USA. The company started out building grain silos, but subsequently entered the tractor market in 1916 with several motor cultivator designs. In 1919 they introduced their 18-30 "Super Drive" model, with a four-cylinder Wisconsin engine fully enclosed by sheet metal, Most tractors of the era having open engines. The 18-30 was joined by a larger Illinois 22-40 model in 1920.

In Canada, the Illinois 18-30 "Super Drive" was sold as the "Imperial Super Drive" by Robert Bell Engine & Thresher Co. of Seaforth, Ontario.

The Australian firm of Ronaldson Bros & Tippett built the Super Drive under license in Australia from the early 1920s.[1] These were fitted with 30 hp Wisconsin Engines. Ronaldson Bros & Tippett became imports for the Wiconsin engines which they later built some models under license until 1972.

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A few examples survive in preservation in the USA along with the local versions in Canada and Australia.

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