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Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company (ITMCo)
Founded 1966
Headquarters Tabriz, Iran
Products agriculture machinery tractor
Divisions Motorsazan

ITMCo, Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company, is the largest tractor manufacturer in the Middle East. Based in Tabriz, Iran, the company was founded in 1966 to manufacture tractors under through cooperation, and under license, from Universal UTB from Romania, which itself was based on Fiat technology. After a few years with Universal, in 1976 ITMCo signed an agreement with Massey Ferguson to license and produce tractors using Massey's technology. ITMCo produces about 30,000 tractors a year, and exports CKD (complete knocked-down) units for assembly in other plants throughout the world.[1]

Engines began to be manufactured under license from Perkins in 1975, with the engine business, Motorsazan, being split off in 1987.[2]

In 1991, the construction (industrial) machinery division was split off into ITIMCo.[3]

In 2003, the Kordestan Tractor Manufacturing Company was set up in Kordestan, Iran, as a subsidiary, calling its tractors KTMCo, but being the same as the ITMCo 285 and 399.

Also in 2003, ITMCo purchased O.T.M.Co, based in Orumieh, West Azarbaijan Province, Iran. It is a tractor manufacturer using Goldoni licenses.

Joint venture tractor assembly/manufacturing plants were set up beginning in 2005. First was VenIran in Venezuela. It was followed by TajIran in Tajikistan in 2006, with plans announced for assembly to begin in Afghanistan (which has not happened yet, it seems). UgIran started in 2006 in Uganda. In 2007, then began in Brazil with LSG. Turkey followed in 2009 with Baskent, and in 2010 Motira (formerly called ZimIran) in Zimbabwe came on-line.

Along the way, ITMCo provided assistance and/or technology, along with Massey Ferguson, to help start Al Jadah in Libya, which began manufacturing in 1981. Also at some time, GIAD in Sudan was assisted.[4][5]

In October 2010, it was announced that ITMCO would assist in setting up a tractor production plant in Bolivia.[6]

Baskent in Turkey went under in 2014, and new companies began using ITMCo's CKD kits to assemble tractors. Baskent's successor seems to be Hars Traktor, but other companies are using either ITMCO's or Millat's CKDs and assembling as AHS, Bozok, Ekip and Mehmet Simseker.

ITMCo changed the branding on their tractors to ITM in 2014.



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