IHI (IHI Corporation)
Founded 1853
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Products crawlers, excavators, skid-steer
Subsidiaries Shibaura

IHI Corporation, (formerly Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.), is a Japanese conglomerate based in Tokyo which traces its roots to 1853. It manufactures construction equipment, aircraft engines, rocket systems, energy systems, industrial machines, plants, ships, etc.... One of its subsidiaries is Shibaura, which manufactures agricultural tractors and turf equipment.

Construction equipment includes mini excavators, crawler cranes, truck mounted concrete pumps, crawler carriers, skid-steer loaders and jib-climbing cranes for building construction.[1]

History Edit

  • 1853 - establishment of Ishikawajima Shipyard
  • 1889 - incorporation of Ishikawajima Shipyard as Ishikawajima Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • 1907 - establishment of Harima Dock Co., Ltd.
  • 1929 - spinoff of Harima's automobile section as Ishikawajima Automotive Works (later Isuzu through a series of mergers)
  • 1960 - establishment of Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. through a merger of Ishikawajima and Harima
  • IHI and Sumitomo Heavy Industries merged a warship business in 1995 and established Marine United Ltd. The Uraga Dock Company was the origin in the shipbuilding of Sumitomo Heavy Industries. It was made by Enomoto Takeaki. However, Sumitomo Heavy Industries moved Uraga Dock to Yokosuka in 2003. IHI moved a shipbuilding section to Marine United in 2002 and changed name to IHI Marine United Ltd. IHI Marine United became the subsidiary of IHI in 2006.
  • 2000 - purchased Nissan Motor’s Aerospace and Defense Divisions and established IHI Aerospace Co., Ltd.
  • 2007 - name changed to IHI Corporation
  • 2012 - merged its ship building unit, Marine United Inc., with Universal Shipbuilding Corp. of JFE Holdings after discussion started in April 2008[2]


Aircraft enginesEdit

Space productsEdit


IHI Marine United Yokohama Shipyard

Uraga factory, IHI Marine United

  • Takanami (DD-110), Takanami class
  • Yudachi (DD-103), Murasame class
  • Tenryu (ATS-4203)
  • Asuka (ASE-6102)




Construction EquipmentEdit

  • IHI Construction Machinery


Crawler (tracked) carriersEdit

IHI IC100 crawler carrier - 2010
  • IHI IC35 crawler carrier - 47 hp (35 kW)
  • IHI IC50 crawler carrier - 233 hp (174 kW)
  • IHI IC75 crawler carrier - 283 hp (211 kW)
  • IHI IC100 crawler carrier - 250 hp (190 kW)

Crawler cranesEdit

NRC Cranes stand at SED 2009 - IMG 8361

Line up of cranes on the NRC Plant crane Hire & Sales stand at SED 2009

  • list model here

Mini excavatorsEdit

  • IHI Mini tracked Excavators - 10hp - 55.5hp

Skid SteersEdit

IHI CL45 skid-steer - 2010
  • IHI CL35 skid-steer - 67 hp (50 kW) Yanmar engine
  • IHI CL45 skid-steer - 82 hp (61 kW) Yanmar engine

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