IBESA Industrias Balbainas de Equipos S.A. 1952-To Date Barcelona and Bilbao Spain.

IBESA is one of the few Spanish crane manufacturers, that have started in the early 1950s. Others similar engineering companies have included GARASA, IASA and LUNA. It was started in a very similar way to its companions in the mobilecrane field, producing either railway rolling stock or as agricultural implement manufacturing. It was then acquired by the largest local company LUNA cranetruck company of Huesca, who adopted some of the largest mobilecrane models that IBESA were producing in the 1980s. The firm opened another factory in Barcelona for producing 4 wheeled mobilecranes and yardcranes during the 1970s.


IBESA is wellknown for being one of the early manufacturers of cranetrucks that are sold under the name of the GT-Series as well as their own mobilecranes called the TM-Series, most of them are fully hydraulic with some of their models using telescopic boom or for the largest units latticeboom jibs, using fullcabs or oneman cabs with 2 or more axles and at least one 4X4 model, a 6X6 model and a 8X8 model most of their vehicles are clearly inspired by the famous COLES CRANES LIMITED models from the UK. Mechanicals employed are mostly domestic, mainly ENASA-PEGASO modern running gear now under the ownership of the Italian IVECO company since 1992 and PEGASO cranecarriers, another local manufacturer, BARREIROS DIESEL of Villaverde also from Madrid supplied IBESA with cranecarriers, allowing IBESA to make a different range of cranes from the small 10 Ton model four wheeler to the a largest model a 100 T eight wheeler. IBESA had also a large network of service parts all over Spain to help with new hydraulics and spareparts for its mobilecrane range. During the 1960s onwards IBESA had a longterm contract with ENASA owner of the heavy vehicle specialist PEGASO company of Barajas in Madrid to order and supply all kinds of cranecarriers until the late 1970s when IBESA grew stronger and large enough to make their own original IBESA cranetrucks. In the 1980s LUNA CRANES of Huesca in Nothern Spain acquired the IBESA crane business and allowed them to produce a new breed of large fully working hydraulic cranetrucks that slowly became an achieving success, beating in large numbers any other similar German crane model during the decade.

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