Hyundai New Power truck
Manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company
Production Worldwide
Predecessor Hyundai Super Truck
Class Rear wheel drive vehicles
Body style(s) Truck
Platform Bering HD
Bering HDMX
Engine(s) Hyundai K-Engine
Hyundai Powertec Engine
Transmission(s) Hyundai (manual)
ZF (automatic)
Related Bering HD
Bering HDMX
Designer Hyundai Motor Company Design Center
Bering Truck

The Hyundai New Power Truck (hangul:현대 뉴파워트럭) is a line of heavy-duty commercial vehicle by Hyundai Motor Company. The range was primarily available as cargo and dump truck. Its model truck name is 'Hyundai', but in USA and Canada it was known as Bering HD or Bering HDMX.

Most heavy-duty truck models are distinguishable by a front 'Hyundai Truck' badge, but the common Hyundai badge is usually used on the rear.

In Japan, Asia-Pacific, Mid-East, Africa, South America, its principal competitors are Daewoo Novus.

Models[edit | edit source]

Hyundai New Power Truck is a name used by Hyundai Motor Company in commercial vehicle of trucks for two related models. Designed by Hyundai Motor Company and Bering Truck, it was manufactured in Korea at Hyundai Motor Company Jeonju Commercial Vehicle Plant. Manufacture period: 2004.

Model name (South Korea)[edit | edit source]

Other different comparison in Hyundai Super Truck

  • Gold (all)
  • Pro (all)
  • Deluxe (8 ton & 15 ton Dump, Mixer)

Lineup[edit | edit source]

Other special vehicle models in Hyundai Special Vehicles

  • 8 ton (4x2, long/ultra long/special long)
  • 7 ton (4x2, short, chassis cab)
  • 8.5 ton (4x2, short/medium)
  • 9.5 ton (4x2, short/medium)
  • 9.5 ton low (6x4, long/ultra long)
  • 11.5 ton (6x4, long)
  • 14 ton (6x4, long)
  • 15 ton (6x4, medium/long)
  • 16 ton (6x4, short/medium/ultra long)
  • 16.5 ton (6x4, ultra short)
  • 17 ton (6x4, short/medium)
  • 19M Full Cargo (6x4, based in 11.5 ton truck)
  • 20.5 ton (rear 3 traction 8x4, short)
  • 23.5 ton (rear 3 traction 8x4, short)
  • 22 ton (rear 3 traction 8x4, economy/hi-power)
  • 19 ton (8x4, economy/hi-power)
  • 19.5 ton (8x4, economy/hi-power)
  • 20.5 ton (8x4, ultra short)
  • 25 ton (8x4, ultra short)
  • 25 ton (10x4, short/ultra long)
  • 4x2:380
  • 6x2:410/440
  • 6x4:380/410/440
  • 6x4 Dump & BCT:420/440
Dump & Mixer
  • 8 ton (4x2, short)
  • 15 ton (6x4, short)
  • 23 ton (8x4, short)
  • 25 ton (8x4, short)
  • 15 ton Mixer (6㎥, 6x4, short)

Technology[edit | edit source]

Engine[edit | edit source]

  • 4x2 Cargo:290hp/110kg·m, 235hp/70kg·m
  • 6x4 Cargo Low:290hp/110kg·m
  • 6x4 Cargo:380hp/160kg·m, 410hp/188kg·m(Powertec)
  • Rear 3 Traction 8x4 Cargo:380hp/160kg·m, 410hp/188kg·m(Powertec)
  • 8x4 Cargo:380hp/160kg·m, 410hp/188kg·m(Powertec), 440hp/206kg·m(Powertec)
  • 10x4 Cargo:440hp/206kg·m(Powertec)
  • 4x2 Tractor:380/148kg·m
  • 6x2 Tractor:410/188kg·m, 440/206kg·m(Powertec)
  • 6x4 Tractor:380/160kg·m, 410/188kg·m(Powertec), 440/206kg·m(Powertec)
  • 6x4 Dump & BCT Tractor:410/188kg·m(Powertec), 440/206kg·m(Powertec)
  • 4x2 Dump:290/110kg·m
  • 6x4 Dump:380/160kg·m
  • 8x4 Dump:380/160kg·m, 440/206kg·m(Powertec)
  • 6x4 Mixer:380/160kg·m

Transmission[edit | edit source]

  • 4x2 Cargo:forward 6/reverse 1
  • 6x4 Cargo:Hyundai-forward 6/reverse 1, ZF-forward 16/reverse 2
  • Rear 3 Traction 8x4 Cargo (ZF only):forward 16/reverse 2
  • 8x4 Cargo:Hyundai-forward 10/reverse 2, ZF-forward 16/reverse 2
  • 10x4 Cargo (ZF only):forward 16/reverse 2
  • 4x2 Tractor:forward 10/reverse 2
  • 6x2 Tractor:forward 10/reverse 2
  • 6x4 Tractor (ZF only):forward 16/reverse 2
  • 6x4 Dump & BCT Tractor (ZF only):forward 16/reverse 2
  • 4x2 Dump:forward 6/reverse 1
  • 6x4 Dump:forward 6/reverse 1
  • 8x4 Dump (ZF only):forward 16/reverse 2
  • 6x4 Mixer:forward 6/reverse 1

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