Founded 1929
Founder(s) Hans Hürlimann sen.
Headquarters Wil, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Products agriculture machinery tractor
Parent SAME Deutz-Fahr

Hurlimann was/is a tractor manufacturer founded by Hans Hürlimann sen. in 1929 in Wil, St. Gallen, Switzerland.


The tractors were designed to cope with the Swiss terrain, and some had 4-wd before it became common.

In 1976, SAME purchased Hurlimann, making it part of S-L-H, or SAME-Lamborghini-Hurlimann. The parent company is now called SAME Deutz-Fahr.

Model rangeEdit

Hurlimann at Lincoln - P8170568

A Immaculately restored Hurlimann at Lincoln Steam Rally 2008

Hurlimann H10 sn 9506 at Newby 09 - IMG 2286

A Hurlimann H10 at the Newby Hall Vintage Gathering 2009

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UK preservationEdit

This make of tractor were not a big seller in the UK, so they are not to be found in any great numbers. But this rarity makes them attractive to collectors looking for something a bit different.


The Hurlimann Tractor Distributor for the UK is:

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