Huddig AB
Predecessor Hudiksvalis Mekaniska AB
Founded 1982
Headquarters Hudiksvall, Sweden
Products backhoe

Huddig is a state of the art machine built in Hudiksvall, Sweden, they are imported into the UK in small numbers and mainly targeted to the utility specialist. Two models are offered the 1060 and the 1260. They are a large equal sized wheel with articulated steering design. They can be fitted with a telescopic access basket of 10m or 20m reach for overhead line work or forestry applications.

Formerly known as Hymas, Hudiksvalis Mekaniska AB was founded in 1982. In 1986 the name was changed to Huddig AB. The company manufactured some backhoes for Valmet and Volvo BM.

Huddig at SED

A HUDDIG machine at SED 2008


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