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The original "Horsepower" 'engine' used to pull a plough

Horsepower (hp) is the name of several non-metric units of power. In scientific discourse, the term "horsepower" is rarely used because of its various definitions and the already existent SI unit for power, the watt (W). However, use of the term "horsepower" persists as a legacy in many languages and industries, particularly as a units of measurement of the maximum power output of internal-combustion engines of automobiles.

There are two important factors to consider when evaluating the measurement of "horsepower":

   * The inconsistent definitions of the "horsepower" unit itself
   * The various standards used in measuring the value of "horsepower"

These factors can be combined in unexpected ways — the power output for an engine rated at "100 horsepower" might not be what a reader expects. For this reason, various groups have attempted to standardize not only the definition of "horsepower" but the measurement of "horsepower". In the interim, more confusion may surface.

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