The Hornsby-Ackroyd Safety Oil Engine was a range of engines built by Richard Hornsby & Sons to the designs of Herbert Akroyd Stuart that opperated on Paraffin(heavy oil) rather than the more volatile Petrol. These engines used a vapouriser initial to assist combustion. To start the engines the head is headed (now days using a propane blow torch). but the design evoled to do away with the vapouriser and just use the compresion (but less than a diesel engine).

Hornsby started building the Oil Engines' in 1892. and by 1896 had built 3 Hornsby-Ackroyd Safety Oil Engine tractors, which went to Australia. Two survive with one in the UK and the other still in in Australia were it has been restored (2009).

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Hornsby-Ackroyd tractor of 1896 at Newby 09 - IMG 2188

The Hornsby-Ackroyd tractor of 1896 being warmed up at Newby Hall Vintage Gathering 2009

Hornsby-Ackroyd Safety Oil Engine no 9331 of 1905 at Lister Tyndale 09 - IMG 4661

A very rare Hornsby-Ackroyd Safety Oil Engine no 9331 of 1905 at Lister Tyndale Steam Rally 2009

Hornsby model B oil engine no. 30963 part restored at Scorton NY 09 - IMG 2773

Hornsby model B no. 30963 of Mal Smith at Scorton Working Day - North Yorkshire

  • The UK example of a Hornsby-Ackroyd Safety Oil Tractor is part of the large Robert Crawford collection of tractors and machinery in Lincolnshire. (Note: this is not a public museum, but the owner exhibits selected items from his collection at several events during the year). This machine is basically an Oil engine mounted on a frame with Steam engine type wheels fitted and driven by gears like a steam engine.
  • Hornsby-Ackroyd Safety Oil Engine no. 9331 is a 6 1/2 hp portable Oil engine built in 1905 and exported to Australia were it worked till about 1940. The engine was then went into preservation in the 1980s and was subsequently exported to New Zealand in 2002. This engine was repatriated to the UK when its current owner moved back to the UK in 2008.
  • Hornsby Model B engine no. 30963 is a 6 1/2 hp semi portable oil engine of 1909. The engine is being restored by Mal Smith of Marske, Cleveland. The engine was on the same farm from 1909 till 2002 when the current owner bought it to restore.

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