Hopto was the brand name used by Warner & Swasey of the USA on a range of excavators built in the 1950s and 60s.[1] The JCB 7 360 degree excavator was based on a Hopto design

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The Hopto name originated with the Badger Construction Equipment Company, a subsidiary of the Warner & Swasey company. The first Hopto machine was a tractor mounted hydraulic backhoe - Hydraulically Operated Power Take-Off.

The Gradall brand was also owned by Warner & Swasey who bought the rights to the design in 1946 from the Gadall's designer Ray Ferwerda of Cleveland Ohio.[1]

When introduced in 1972 the Hopto 1900 was the largest American hydraulic excavator. The machine weight 100 ton with 2 GM 8V-71 Engines of 300 hp.[1]

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Hopto 300 excavator

Hopto 300 excavator

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