Max Holder GmbH (formerly and A. Gebrüder und Holder Maschinenbau GmbH) is a manufacturer of municipal vehicles and vineyard tractors with its headquarters in Metzingen (Baden-Wurttemberg), Germany. The company started out as a manufacturer of pest control sprayer.


In 1888 brothers Christian Friedrich and Martin Holder in Urach founded a machine workshop, i the first automatic protection of plants syringe of the world was developed and was made. In 1902 the enterprise resettled to Metzingen and came out from now on as a specialist for sputter in the pest control, einachsige Motorfräsen and chopping as well as from 1930 for Einachsschleppern. In 1953 a 4-wheel tractor under the type name B10, became in 1954 an all-wheel tractor contrived increase driver construction method under the type name A10 introduced.

in 1992, holder was sold to the Japanese company Maruyama. the production of special municipal vehicles started in 1995 with the multifunctional Park series. 1996 one of the previous owners of the company holder and others again took by Maruyama. in 2005, the company acquired the Turkish agricultural machinery company Uzel. On 22 April 2008, holder requested the opening of insolvency proceedings at the District Court of Tübingen. Four months later, in October 2008 took three members from Baden-Württemberg over the company.[1] The field spraying Division was sold the following month to the company Vogel Noot, and the company was renamed to Max holder GmbH end of 2008. [Edit] current vehicle program Vehicles in six product lines were built in the year 2010: Knickgelenkte compact tool carrier, narrow-track tractors for special crops, as well as with •bauxite equipped special tractors. Vehicles equipped throughout with four equal-sized wheels and all-wheel drive as well as Perkins-or Deutz engines can each be provided with different attachments or constructions. The driver's cabin of the front axle is mounted in the equipment rack series V, C, M and S. The L and R series is itself

Model rangeEdit

Vine and fruit growing vehicles:

F number: F 560 with 45.9 of kW (62 HP) and F 780 56.5 kW (77 HP) M series: M 480 special culture with 56,5 kW (77 PS) S series: S 990 special culture with 68 kW (92 HP)

Municipal vehicles:

V series: V 130 19.7 kW (27 HP) C series: C 245 and 345, both with 31 kW (42 HP) M series: M 480 56.5 kW (77 HP) L series: L 560 with 45.9 of kW (62 HP) and L 780 56.5 kW (77 HP) S series: S 990 with 68 kW (92 HP)

Tractor model listEdit

Tugs (tractors) with following type designations were produced:[1]

Holder A series;

See a timeline for the A series at

Holder A-trac series
Holder B series

The B-series includes tractors with Ackermann steering system. As a first model of this series was built in 1951 with the B 10. Production lasted for the series B models until 1985 when the B 19 finally ceased production.

Holder C series


Holder E series
Holder F series
Holder H series

Holder L series
Holder M series
Holder P series
Holder R series
Holder series S
Holder series V


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