The Historic Commercial Vehicle Society is a British Organisation dedicated to the collection and preservation of all makes of Commercial Vehicles. The society has branches around the country that hold regular meeting of members and organise or assist at various events featuring commercial vehicle displays and road runs.

Events[edit | edit source]

Leeds - Bring your vehicle night[edit | edit source]

The CV line up at Leeds as the sun sets - June 09

Main article: HCVS Leeds - Bring your vehicle night

Held in June 2009 attracted about 10 commercials and about 10 cars and 4x4's and vans to what earlier in the day had been a rain sweep car park but the sun came out and brightened the event up.

List of vehicles to follow:-

London to Brighton run[edit | edit source]

Main article: HCVS London to Brighton run

Annual road run for commercial vehicles which finishes with a show on the sea front drive at Brighton.

Area Groups[edit | edit source]

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Yorkshire area[edit | edit source]

The Yorkshire group holds a regular club night in Leeds.

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