Hi-clearance tractors were developed to work in taller crops without damaging them rather than having to do the work by hand or leave wide rows at interval to drive down. The most common early use was for spraying and for inter roe weading in salad crops.


the earliest high clearance tractors were 'home' or 'blacksmith built' conversions.

later several companies started offering High Clearance Kits to dealer to adapt popular makes.

Some manufacturers also added 'Hi-clearance' row crop models to there standard range. Vvery high cleance models were built by sevar companies post war for use in crop sparying with the new chemical pesticdes that were introduced on a much wider scale in the 1950s. These machines lead to the development of the Self propelled crop-sprayer. Especialy for maize (corn), potates, vines and cotton crops which all suffeed from variouse blight problems as intensive farming took hold.


Massey Ferguson 35 High Clearance - WSJ 872 at Newark 08 - IMG 3651

A Converted MF 35 with Row crop wheels

Damcon high clearance tractors

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