Do not be hostile toward newcomers. Remember to assume good faith first and approach them in a polite manner.


Wiki articles improve not only through the hard work of regular editors but also through the often anonymous contributions of many newcomers. All of us were newcomers to editing Wiki's at one time, and experienced editors are still newcomers, in ways, when they edit articles on topics outside their usual scope.

New contributors are prospective "members" and are therefore our most valuable resource. We must treat newcomers with kindness and patience — nothing scares potentially valuable contributors away faster than hostility. It is impossible for a newcomer to be completely familiar with the policies, standards, style, and community of Wikipedia (or of a certain topic) before they start editing. If any newcomer got all those things right, it would be by complete chance.

What to do if you feel you have "bitten" or have been "bitten"Edit

If you have "bitten" someone, or feel that you have been "bitten", there are a number of things to keep in mind, and alternatives to choose from:

  1. . Actively choose to learn from the incident.
  2. . Consider alternatives that could have been used by the "biter" to achieve a more desirable response for yourself, and if you encounter a similar situation in the future, consider acting in the latter manner if the situation warrants.
  3. . Allow yourself to feel encouraged that someone took the time to acknowledge your actions.
  4. . Consider that negative "biting" incidents are transitory - one should not feel the need to pacify one's actions as a result of non-constructive commentary. Extract the wisdom that may have been unintentionally veiled, and choose to take that away as valuable experience.
  5. . Choose to point out in a reasoned manner any offense taken, and learn to recognize when the message cannot be received. The recipient may be unable or unwilling to accept fault, and it may be better to move on to other things than to dwell on the "bite".

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