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Founded 195X
Headquarters Aldo Bonzi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Products Construction machinery

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The history of HELIX begins in Germany, in the city of Hamburg is a beginning of last century with the construction of the first drill in the horizontal manual and use made by its founder Anton Mang. With an economically affected Europe, his son, Erwin Mang, leaves for an Argentina, demanding, industrial and thriving, to continue with the manufacture of equipment for construction. Also forming offspring that continues with the developed and that incorporates new equipment to meet the needs of the market. This history has its continuity through successive generations, maintaining the tradition and spirit of its creator for more than 50 years only in this country.


The constant search for the needs market and the improvement of existing equipment, makes the Technical Department have a strategic place within the company. The permanent consultation and listening and the comments of the operators of the teams also help to improve the teams. In this permanent creation, HELIX was one of the first to manufacture in our country a hydraulic mini loader, so popularized and commonly used these days. Although the company concentrated its strategy on equipment for horizontal and vertical drilling of floors, it also has the manufacture of other machines among which we can mention: trenchers, dumpers, vertical drilling, tunnels, mini loaders, concrete mixers , drills for soil study and for water injection. Being a national manufacturing company, its teams have a permanent stock of spare parts, which allows an immediate response to the customer. This, in addition to giving peace of mind, a competitive advantage, saving time and resources, or any user.


Will soon launch the drilling rig for soil studies model P.V.N.I. Type 6600. This equipment is designed to cover the multiple needs that can be presented. Allow dry drilling with helicopters, with water or air injection and get incorporated to Terzaghui to use automatically. This will save time and costs for the owners of this equipment, as well as a greater benefit

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