McConnel hedge cutter on a Fordson at GDSF 08 - IMG 0672

A early McConnel hedge cutter

McConnel stand and hedge cutter at Lamma - IMG 4734

A modern McConnel hydraulic flail hedge cutter

Ford Road rail hedge cutter tractor - PA040110

A specialist road rail adapted ford tractor and hedge cutter

Bomford Kite Arm cutter - IMG 4733

A Bomford Hedge cutter

A Hedge Cutter is a special attachment designed to trim hedges and verges.


The hedge cutter has evoled from the first models that were flexible shaft hand held design or a mower type knife blade, that was mounted on a adjustable frame balanced by a small stationary engine to drive it. latter designs used the PTO and a V belt to drive the cutter mounted on an articulated arm, controled by a small hand operated winch and counter balance.

When hydrailics arived more sophisticated designs were possible, moving on to hydraulicaly driven flail heads.

The latest models can have reaches up to 10 m and reach over tall hedges or to the far bank of rivers. Some versions are semi permantly mounted on the tractor for use by cntractors with a large hydraulic tank and servo controls, more basic models are Three-point Linkage mounted for ocasional use by farmers and smaller contractors.

A lot of modern machies can be used for verge trimming as well with the flail head.

A variation that was populare at one tine used a rotating disc sinilar to a circulare saw blade. These did a tidier job than a flail but were slower and are not common now except for some specialist operations.(photo required)

There are now some specialist machines for river and roadway verge maintenace that are designed as multi purpose machines with interchagable heads to allow them to do a number of tasks. Some are mounted on road rail vehicles for track side maintenace on the railways.


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