Hattat Tarim
Predecessor Hema Endustry A.Ş.
Founded 1971
Headquarters Istanbul, Turkey
Industry agriculture machinery

Hattat Tarim is a company based in Istanbul, Turkey that manufactures tractors, components, and other industrial items, and is a part of the Hattat Holding A.Ş. conglomerate. It was originally called Hema Endustry A.Ş. and the original company was founded in 1971. Hattat Holding came into existance in 1996. One of the group companies manufactures Military vehicles.[1]

Hattat currently manufactures tractors under contract for Valtra and Massey Ferguson, both part of AGCO, under the Hattat name using some Valtra designs as well as their own designs, and under license manufacture the Universal (Hattat) tractors. Hattat also distributes Ferrari tractors in Turkey.

Hattat/Hema HistoryEdit

HEMA logo2 Hema Traktor Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. was founded in 1971, and began building Ford tractors under license. This continued until 1990, when the license expired. They continued building the tractors under the HEMA name. In 2001, Hema began building Universal (UTB) tractors under license. Sometime after the company name to Hattat, they began including the Hattat name on the Universal tractors, i.e. Hattat Universal, or Universal with Hattat below it.

In 2003, Hattat secured a contract with AGCO to begin building the Valtra A-series. Production for Valtra began in 2008. Hattat also began building the A-series under the Hattat name, and later developed the new Hattat-designed H-series. In 2009, after the demise of Uzel, AGCO awarded the contract to build Massey Ferguson tractors in Turkey to Hattat. The Valtra tractors by Hattat are sold worldwide.

Tractors have been exported to the Middle East bearing the brand-names Euro-F (or Euro Ford) and Chaman Ford, which were by HEMA and based on old Ford designs.

For 2017, Hattat began exporting tractors to Uruguay that are sold by Tractores BM as BM tractors.


Hema/Hattat has built engines in Turkey under license from Perkins for many years. Many carry the Perkins name, but some carry the Hattat name.

HEMA Gear, another group company, manufactures Detroit Diesel engines under license for use in the Defense industry.[2]

Tractor ModelsEdit

Tractors built for other companiesEdit

BM Tractor Models
BM A55 2017- 68 hp (51 kW) Perkins built in Turkey by Hattat
BM A70 2017- 68 hp (51 kW) Perkins built in Turkey by Hattat
BM A80 2017- 79 hp (59 kW) Perkins built in Turkey by Hattat
BM A90 2017- 82 hp (61 kW) Perkins built in Turkey by Hattat
BM A110 2017- 102 hp (76 kW) Perkins built in Turkey by Hattat

Euro-F (Euro Ford) Tractor Models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Euro-F (Euro Ford) 3850 50 hp (37 kW) licensed Ford Euro-F 3850-2010
Euro-F (Euro Ford) 4560 60 hp (45 kW) licensed Ford Euro-F 4560-2010
Euro-F (Euro Ford) 5880 80 hp (60 kW) Ford 6610 Euro-F 5880-2010

Ford Tractor Models by HEMA
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Ford 3600  ?  ? Ford 3600 (HEMA) brochure
details required ? of the Ford models built by Hattat
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