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The Hanson Clutch and Machinery Company was founded in 1914 by two brothers in Tiffin, Ohio, USA as a manufacturer of clutches. The company introduced its first excavator in 1924. the company was taken over by Pettibone-Mullikene Corporation of Chicago. The company survives as the Tiffin Parts LLC, a division of Pettibone.

Company history

Founded in 1914 by brothers Milton and Clifford Hanson to manufacture there patented clutch design.

In 1924 Milton retired and Clifford took control of the company. Then in 1924 the company then introduced the first excavator, using there own clucthes, in a 3/8 cu yd crawler excavator, powered by a petrol engine. The company claimed it was the first excavator of this type built in the USA. At this time most excavators were still Steam shovels.

In 1963 the company was sold to an MBO and renamed the Hanson Machinery Company.

The Pettibone-Mulliken Corporation of Chicago then bought the firm in 1966, and droped excavator manufacture but continued building cranes at the Tiffin facility for a few years before switching it to be a parts facility.[1]

Model range

1937 range
  • Hanson model 22 - 1/4 cu yd
  • Hanson model 33 - 3/8 cu yd
  • Hanson model 44 - 1/2 cu yd
  • Hanson model 55 - 5/8 cu yd
  • Hanson model 66 - 3/4 cu yd
  • Hanson model 30 comet - 1938 with hydraulic control of clutches.
  • Hanson model 31 - 3/8 yd
  • Hanson model 41 - 1/2 yd of 1944
  • Hanson model 61 - 3/4 yd
  • Hanson model 254 - 3/8 yd of 1954
  • Hanson model 354 - 1/2 yd of 1954
  • Hanson model 454 - 1/2 yd HD
  • Hanson model 654 - 3/4 yd Universal excavator.
Truck mounted excavator

A number of models were offerd on a truck chassis mounting.

Works cranes

A range or works cranes of up to 6 ton capacity.


A number of Hanson machines are in preservation in the USA

References / sources

  1. The history of Cranes, by KHR

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