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Harbin HF Automobile Industry Group Co Ltd
Headquarters Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
Products automobile
Parent Chang'an Motors
Divisions Hafei Motor Co Ltd
Harbin Dongan Auto Engine Co

The Harbin HF Automobile Industry Group Co Ltd[1] (


) is a Chinese holding company whose subsidiaries make automobile engines, sedans, MPVs and mini vehicles, small trucks and vans that see commercial use.[1] Subsidiaries include the auto-making Hafei Motor Co Ltd[2] and the engine maker Harbin Dongan Auto Engine Co (SSE: 600178), which is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.[3]

In 2009, it was purchased by Chang'an Motors.[4]

Hafei-branded cars may be rare outside of their home region of North-Eastern China.[5]


Hafei centre in Chile

Hafei Saima

Hafei was formerly owned by Aviation Industry Corporation of China,[6] but prompted by Chinese State policy aimed at consolidating the domestic automobile manufacturing industry,[4] in 2009 Chang'an Automobile Group purchased most Hafei-related assets.[6]

As of 2009 the company has exported products to a total of 40 nations[1] including Russia.[7] These exports may be in the form of knock-down kits.


Many Hafei cars are Pininfarina-designed. Small cars; MPVs; and mini-vehicles, small trucks and vans that see commercial use, make up the majority of the Hafei model line.[1]

  • Baili[1]
  • Lobo,[1] a small city car, which was designed by Pininfarina.[8]
  • Minyi (民意)[1]
  • Ruiyi[1]
  • Saibao, which was designed by Pininfarina.
    • The Coda Sedan battery-electric vehicle from Coda Automotive uses the Saibao III body with different front and rear fascias.[9][10]
  • Saima,[1] a small city car,[11] which includes Mitsubishi technology.[12]
  • Songhhuajiang[1]
  • Zhongyi,[1] designed by Pininfarina[12]

Production bases

Hafei has production facilities in Northern China.[13]


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