HSCS was founded in the early 20th century as Hofherr-Schrantz-Clayton-Shuttleworth, by a group Hungarian business men and the British firm of Clayton and Shuttleworth. The business was nationalized by the State in the 1950's when the communist took over after WWII.

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The partnership with Clayton and Shuttleworth was bought out in 1921. HSCS then built there first tractor in 1923. The first machine was a petrol engine model. This was followed by a Semi-diesel to he Lanz design, after they bought the firm out in 1938. These were built till the 1950s. In 1951 the company was renamed Red Star Tractors when it was nationalised by the communist government of the day and started in the 1960's using the brand of Dutra on its tractor.

Steam enginesEdit

HSCS no. 7880 - TE - The Tzar at Onslow Park 09 - IMG 6430

The Tzar at Onslow Park Steam Rally 2009 only part restored but in steam

The company built steam engines based on Clayton & Shuttleworth designs and supplied a number to the Russian government. The deal with Russia collapsed with the Russian Revolution.


One example existing the UK of a HSCS engine. This was supplied to Russia in 1912 and was imported to the UK in 2002 from Holland.

Tractor modelsEdit

  • Lanz bulldog copy.
  • Dutra tractors
  • HSCS K40 - 1938
  • HSCS G50 - 1930's


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  • owners group - Europes site with poor english translation available. (some pages not working Feb 2009)

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