Scammell Mountaineer - HRR 348D at Newby 08 - P6080110

At Newby Hall Vintage show in 2008

HRR 348D is a restored Scammell Mountaineer owned by ? a collector of classic and vintage ? trucks. This truck was built in 1966 by Scammell.

Vehicle historyEdit

This truck was built in 1966 for the former National Coal Board as a tractor unit for a specialist drilling unit for mines rescue and operated by Foraky Drilling on behalf of the N.C.B. Notts area till it was retired.

Features Edit

Fitted with a 15 ton pull winch and Four wheel drive driven by a Leyland 680 diesel engine.

Events attendedEdit

Some of the events attended by this vehicle include;


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Scammell Mountaineer - HRR 348D at Harewood 08 - IMG 0462

at Harewood House Steam Rally 2008

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