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HELA (Hermann Lanz - Aulendorf)
Founder(s) Hermann Lanz
Defunct 1980
Headquarters Audendorf, Germany
Industry Manufacturing
Products agriculture machinery tractor
Parent former IBH-Holding

HELA was a German tractor manufacturer, founded by Hermann Lanz in Audendorf. The company stared building tractors in 1929. The firm built smaller compact tractors, but confusion with the firm of Heinrich Lanz caused problems and after the 2nd World War the firm re-branded as HELA instead of Lanz.

The tractors were powered by their own engines or with other German-built engines such as an MWM or Deutz diesel engine. The firm, like many other small tractor companies, stopped building tractors by the 1960s as competition and the growth of larger tractors from international manufactures took over the market.

The remaining part of the company was purchased by IBH-Holding in 1978, which went bankrupt in 1983.

Model range

A Hermann Lanz (HELA) Varimot of 1957 exhibited at the Newby Hall Vintage Gathering 2009


A few of these can be seen on the continent.

  • do you know of any in the UK ? if please add details & photos here, thank you.

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