Guy Otter dropside - UHN 795 at Donington 09 - IMG 6096

UHN 795 seen at the Donington Park Commercial Vehicle show in 2009

The Guy Otter was a commercial vehicle built by Guy Motors in Britain from ? to ?.

Model historyEdit

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Commercial vehicle exhibit list
entry no. Make Model no. / type Reg no. body type year built Owner Photo Misc info
not listed/unknown Guy Otter UHN 795 Dropside 1954
Guy Otter lorry - UHN 795 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5445
see above for photo
not listed/unknown Guy Otter SUK 893 Drop side 1956
Guy Otter flatbed SUK 893 at Donnington Park CV show 09 - IMG 6092small
in Wensbury tubes livery
not listed/unknown Guy Otter JSU 359 Flatbed 1950
Guy Otter - JSU 359 at Much Marcle 2014 - IMG 1632
see above for photo
not listed/unknown Guy Otter MVS 427 Dropside 1955
Guy Otter MVS 427 at Masham 09 - IMG 0226
see above for photo


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