Gunsmith tractor rear linkage with plough onIMG 9725

The rear of a Gunsmith tractor with a single furrow plough on

The Gunsmith tractor was built in the 1950s, based on a BMB Plowmate engine and transmission, with a frame added to allow the operator to ride on the tractor and steer via a tricycle front wheel rather than walking behind. A manual linkage was also added so the operator could raise the implement at the headland.

About 250-300 were built from 1948 to the mid 1950s. They were one of many Garden Tractors built by many manufactures after the war to meet th demands of small farmers for mechanization and to use up manufacturing capacity left after the cessation of armaments & war related works by most small engineering firms.

Specification Edit

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  • Briggs and Stratton ZZ, or (slightly later) a JAP (unknown model) engine.
  • Mk1: Handlebars and one front wheel
  • Mk2: Steering wheel and one front wheel
  • Mk3: Steering Wheel and two front wheels


A few examples exist of these mainly in the collections of collectors of horticultural machinery.

Gunsmith tractors in Preservation
Model Year serial number Owner Image seen at / Notes
Gunsmith Mk II 1948 - G.Coles Gunsmith mkII of 1948 G Cole at Stoke Goldington 09 - IMG 9727 at Stoke Goldington Steam Rally
Gunsmith mkII 1949 - H. Laxton Gunsmith mkII of 1949 - H Laxton coll at Stoke Goldington 09 - IMG 9728 in Laxton Collection, on show at Stoke Goldington Steam Rally
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