Grosspal G-640
Manufacturer Grosspal
Production start 198X
Production end 199X
Production Las Varillas, province of Córdoba
Layout Dual rear wheel 4x2
Engine(s) Diesel

Intermediate model (between the G600 and G660) of the range of light trucks presented by Grosspal in the 1980s. Adaptable for multiple uses like all your Grosspal "brothers". In itself, a large part of its components was a kind of "rejunte" of what could be achieved in the national industry of the time: read for example the instruments of Volkswagen Gacel or Dodge 1500 (depends on the stock), console for the stereo copy of the Ford Econoline (of which Grosspal also made a replica), parasols of Mercedes Benz (1114, 608, etc). Without major changes, it survived until the second half of the 90's.

Engine data Edit

  • Engine: Deutz F4L 913
  • Cycle: Diesel 4 stroke, side camshaft
  • Location: longitudinal forward
  • Displacement (cm3): 4086
  • Number of cylinders: 4 in line, valves at the head
  • Diameter x stroke (mm): 102 x 125
  • Compression ratio: 17,0: 1
  • Power (CV @ RPM): 87 @ 2800
  • Motor torque (mkg @ RPM): 26 @ 1600
  • Fuel system: direct injection
  • Injector pump: linear Bosch
  • Fuel: gas-Oil
  • Specific consumption of diesel (g / kwh): 228
  • Oil filter: double, primary filtering element of tubular felt and secondary star type of cellulose paper.
  • Lubrication: forced circulation with built-in oil cooler.
  • Air filter: dry with changeable cartridge and centrifugal pre separator.
  • Cooling: air by axial turbo-fan driven by 2 V-belts

Transmission and brakes Edit

  • Traction: rear 4x2
  • Gearbox: FAE
  • Clutch: mechanically driven 11 "dry monodisk
  • Speeds: 4 forward + M.A.
  • Service brake: pneumatic circuit with double effect. Servo-assisted
  • Brakes (front / rear): disc / drum.
  • Parking brake: drive on the rear wheels.

Suspension and other data Edit

  • Front suspension: rigid axle, longitudinal elastics
  • Rear suspension: rigid axle, longitudinal elastics
  • Steering: assisted Saginaw
  • Rims: to 16 "discs
  • Tires: 7.00x16 "
  • Electrical system: 12V. Battery: 1x12V 160 Ah. Alternator: Starter motor:


  • Length (mm): 5650/7500
  • Width (mm): 2170
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2780/3300
  • Front track (mm): 1680
  • Rear track (mm): 1680


  • Engine oil / total in crankcase (liters): 11 / 9.5
  • Fuel capacity (liters): 90
  • Load capacity (Kg): 3500

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