Founded 194X
Defunct 1998 (But contiunes with the production of other machinery today)
Headquarters Las Varillas, Argentina
Products buses, trucks

The company Elio Agustín Grosso S.A. (GrossPal) started its activities in the mid-40's, focusing on the commercialization of agricultural implements and slowly evolving towards the creation of a small factory in the town of Las Varillas, located about 200 km from the capital of Córdoba. In 1978, the company employed 90 workers and had a monthly production of about 120/140 agricultural implements.

Automotive Production[edit | edit source]

Is at that moment that it is decided to incorporate an automotive branch into the production through a light truck. The project is entrusted to the Ingenios Division of Renault Argentina that provided services to companies. The first draft of the Grosspal truck was born, from which the company's technicians developed the first prototype and shortly thereafter the production of the first units began, and by the year 1980 Grosspal began the commercialization that would transform the history of the company, a utility truck with capacity for 4500 Kg. selling more than 4000 units.

Apogee and Growth[edit | edit source]

The good acceptance of the products, forced the company to increase the number of workers from the initial 90 in 1982 to 250 in 1986, at that time from the industrial complex of 8,000 m2 could produce about 150 units per month. Trying to diversify into other segments, such as medium trucks, comes to light in 1984 the GG-880, produced for the multinational Coca-Cola, rounding 14 units produced. Production also supplied the external market. In 1985 an agreement was signed with the Bolivian company Enauto for the assembly in Bolivia of Grosspal trucks. This agreement, formalized within the framework of the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI), had a duration of two years, with automatic renewal, and envisaged the shipment of 1000 units, at a rate of 40 per month, disassembled in large groups through the SKD systems. and CKD. As for the propellers, the Ford I-6 300 gasoline engine imported from the USA was used. Agreements were also signed for the assembly of the Grosspal in Uruguay. A year later (1986) presents the B-35, a minibus model which had no continuity.

Change of hands and end of Automotive Production[edit | edit source]

In 1994 the company is sold, all the assets being acquired by Vialcam SA, a firm that with its new business vision increases the number of products marketed by the brand, establishing itself in the market as one of the leading companies in the production and sale of agricultural, road and municipal machines. The manufacture of the trucks continued until 1998, when the automotive production was brought to an end by converting the business.

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