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Founded 196X
Headquarters Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe, Argentina
Products agriculture machinery
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Golondrín is a family business that deploys its manufacturing activities in the city of Venado Tuerto, south of the province of Santa Fe.


Witness and interpreter of the rich geography of the humid Pampas, Golondrin devoted himself to the development, manufacture and sale of agricultural implements: pulverizing machines, seed sorters, curators, baggers, trieurs, waterwheels and conveyor belts. In the beginning, the incipient company was dedicated solely to the production of sprayers, and had only four employees. At that time, the agricultural machinery market was hardly an emerging industry. The result of the sacrifice, and inventiveness of Golondrín, was to be able to develop and position the company over the years. The market -at that time- was very segmented, and in general, each of the companies limited itself to offering their products in the provinces where they were settled. But it is also necessary to remember that at the time of the foundation of Golondrín, the pulverization was annual, and only on certain types of crops. That's why the market was so limited. Instead, at present, it remains active most of the year. Simultaneously with the growth and development of the agricultural machinery market, Golondrín was growing and positioning itself more and more within the sector. New products were incorporated, such as the seed sorter, the conveyor belts and the trieurs, among others, as well as the sales areas in the rest of the country were expanded. Nowadays Golondrín is one of the most recognized and best positioned brands in the country, due to its trajectory and its constant dedication, with the purpose of achieving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Golondrin facilites

A manufacturing plant of more than 30,000 m2 and staff committed to the daily work, are represented effectively by strategically located dealers, inserting the brand in different geographies throughout the national territory, and even beyond our borders, in bordering countries that opened their gates to these prestigious agricultural implements.


Ombú sprayer models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Golondrin G3R Serie T Deutz G3R Serie T in Pesados Argentinos
Golondrin C3R 2200 La Lucia DLX Mercedes-Benz C3R 2200 in Pesados Argentinos
Golondrin 28-21 La Lucia DLX Deutz 28-21 La Lucia DLX in Pesados Argentinos
Golondrin 34-21 La Lucia DLX Deutz 34-21 La Lucia DLX in Pesados Argentinos
Golondrin 34-26 La Lucia DLX Deutz 34-26 La Lucia DLX in Pesados Argentinos
Golondrin GTI 3536 Deutz GTI 3536 in Pesados Argentinos
Golondrin La Grossa Deutz La Grossa in Pesados Argentinos
Golondrin La Dulce Deutz La Dulce in Pesados Argentinos
Golondrin La Lucía G4R 2850 Perkins / Mercedes-Benz La Dulce in Pesados Argentinos

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