Goldhofer 3 bed 5 trailer at SED07 - DSCF0003

A 3 bed 5 Goldhofer trailer at the SED show in the UK in 2007

Goldhofer trailer HD Neck - DSCF0002

The HD nck with stearing turntable and control syatems for the self leveling and tracking axle system

Alleys HH Daf with 6 axle Goldhofer trailer and Locomotive at GDSF 08

A Goldhofer trailer with locomotive load being demonstrated by Allelys of Studly Heavy Haulage Contractors

Goldhofer are a specialist manufacturer of trailers based in Germany. The company with origins bck to 1705 in a village forge in Amendinghem in southern Germany. The modern company was founded as Allguer Fahrzeugwerke(South Germany vehicle works) by Alois Goldhofer in the post war boom. In 1952 he designed a low bed trailer with rear loading for machinery transport. Alois Goldofher passed away on 16 January 1981 and the company is run by his daughter.

The company has built trailers from 6 ton to 10,000 ton capacity over the past 50 + years, with over 25000 built and solt to over 70 countries.[1]

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Product rangeEdit

  • Type TU - 1952 - Rear load low loader
  • Type TL - 1956 - Low bed with removable axel
  • Type TA - 1959 - Heavy Duty low loaders up to 120 gross
  • Type TPA - 1963 - Heavy duty trailer ith mechanical steering and suspension of all axles (Birth of the modular trailer


  • Modular trailer systems
  • Aircraft recovery systems and tractors

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  1. Heavy Haulage Vehicles built by Goldhofer, by Lothar Husemann/Michael Bammel, published 2006 ISBN 3-613-02681-3

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