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The Unique Gibbons and Robinson no. 959 of 1890 at Lister Tyndale Steam Rally 2009

The company of Gibbons & Robinson were based in Wantage, Oxfordshire and built engines in the 1890's.


Little has been found out about this company yet. But it is believed that Gibbons & Robinson only built 7 Traction engines, with No. 959 being the last. The company latter became Robinson & Auden before becoming the Wantage Engineering Co. Ltd., which still trades today.

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Only one known survivor exists today in the UK.

  • AY 9874 - Gibbons & Robinson No. 959. of 1891 a Single cylinder 8 nhp Traction Engine which was rebuilt using the cylinder block & motion from Wantage engine no. 1432[1] The engine is owned by R. Hesbrook of Hereford.

History of No. 959

  • 1981 - delivered new in June to Thomas Swain of Warrington, Lancashire.[2]
  • ~1900 - Owned by Farrington & Fitter of the Warrington & District Threshing Co.
  • by 1929 - Passed to John Read of Haywood Hereford.
  • In 1941 was used by Fred Williams of Preston on Wye for stump pulling. Then stood derelict till.
  • 1961 was bought by Dick Philips of Church Stretton & towed home using Norman Wheelers Tasker traction engine.
  • 1972 bought by R. Hesbrook as a part dismantled engine and a pile of parts. The engine was restored over many years involving an extensive rebuild. This included using parts from Wantage no. 1432 for the cylinder and motion.

Events attended by No 959

This engine was at the 19th Lister Tyndale Steam Rally in 2009. One of several rare exhibits at this event.

Other events attended include


photos of No. 959
Gibbons & Robinson no 959 at Lister Tyndale 09 - IMG 4083.jpg Gibbons & Robinson no 959 AY 9874 at Lister Tyndale 09 - IMG 4082.jpg
Gibbons & Robinson no 959 valve gear at Lister Tyndale 09 - IMG 4085.jpg Gibbons & Robinson no 959 gears at Lister Tyndale 09 - IMG 4084.jpg

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