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General Ordnance Company of America was a Armaments manufacturer founded in the 1800s. The companies HQ was in New York. The company added tractor manufacturing in the early 1900's.


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  • National Tractor Co. model E - 9-16 hp
  • National Tractor Co. model F - 12-22 hp
  • G-O Tractor - 14-28 hp 1919-21


Few G-O tractors were built and Only 4 examples are known to survive:[1]

  • G-O Tractor sn. 1642 - The Sandstone Heritage Trust Collection of Wilfred Mole in South Africa has one that is well travelled (photo to add - at Carrington)
  • 2 in the USA (sn unknown)
  • 1 in Canada (sn unknown)

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