Gebr. Eicher
Founded 1936
Founder(s) Joseph Eicher and Albert Eicher (brothers)
Headquarters Forstern, Bavaria, Germany
Industry agriculture machinery tractor
Eicher ES202 of 1967 sn 109810 at GDSF 08 - IMG 0621

A restored 1967 Eicher ES202 at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in 2008

The Gebr. Eicher company was founded in Bavaria, Germany by 2 brothers in 1936.


In the small village, of Forstern near Munich, in Bavaria, Germany, the first Eicher tractor was built, in the 1936, by Joseph and Albert Eicher. The brothers Joseph and Albert Eicher were born and grew up in an agricultural region. It's was the beginning of the development of the Forstern and Dingolfing factories.

The first evolution was marked by the construction of an automatic mower and a tractor on three wheels. The brothers built around a thousand tractors between 1936 and 1941, that were powered by Deutz engines.

During the 2nd World war the brothers built Producer gas engines with Fahr, Guldner, HELA, and Kramer.

In 1949, the company manufactured their first engine for a farm tractor with air cooling. This was a 1.5L single cylinder of 17/19 hp. During the next years, the qualities of the air-cooled tractor built by Eicher demonstrated themselves with sales of thousands. They also used engines built by Deutz, MWM and Hatz, but by the end of the 1950s they were using there own 2-, 3- & 4-cylinder engines. By 1958 they built their last single-cylinder model, the "Leopard".

In 1959, Eicher set up the Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Ltd., along with the "Goodearth Company" of New Delhi, India, and began production in 1960 of Indian-built Eicher tractors. The company continued until the tractor business was sold to TAFE, also of India, which still produces Eicher brand tractors.[1][2]

In 1970 Massey Ferguson bought a 30% stake in Gebr. Eicher. The company then built some Perkins-engined models for a period.

In 1973, Massey Ferguson purchased the remainder of Gebr. Eicher, and many Massey-licensed Eichers were built.[3] Massey Ferguson later sold their interest, and Dromson now owns the company. Under Dromson, Eicher now build specialized tractors for vineyards and similar applications.

Tractor model rangeEdit

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Tractors were sold with the following model names:

E series

Eicher E 22/II E 22 / I E 22/II E 25 / I E 25/II E 25/III E 30

ED series

Eicher ED 16 II ED 13 / I ED 13/II ED 14 ED 16 / I ED 16/II ED 16/II 20PS ED 16/III? (Create) ED 16 / N? (Create) ED 20 ED 22 ED 22/VII wheel ED 26 ED 26/VII wheel ED 30 ED 30 / I-wheel ED 33 ED 40 ED 42-wheel ED 50 ED 60 ED 110 / 8 ED 110/II ED 115 / 8 ED 210/10 ED 215/16 ED 215/VIII wheel ED 310 Mammoth ED 500 Mammoth

L series

Eicher L 22/II L 22 L 22/II L 24 L 28 L 28 / 1 L 40 L 40 / I L 60

LH series

LH 12 LH 12/10 (create)?

EKL series

Eicher EKL 15/II Eicher EKL 11 Eicher EKL 15 Eicher EKL 15 / I Eicher EKL 15/II

EM series (Championships )

EM 100 B Leopard EM 200 Tiger EM 200 / 2 Tiger EM 235 Tiger II EM 295 Panther EM 300 King Tiger EM 300 / 2 King Tiger EA 400 A King Tiger EM 500 Mammoth Mammut II EM 600 A mammoth 600 EA II

3000 series

Eicher HR 3002 Eicher 3014 S Mammoth HR 3001 A mammoth HR 3002 3008 Tiger I 3009 Tiger II 3007 King Tiger I 3010 King Tiger IA 3015 King Tiger II 3016 King Tiger II A 3011 Mammoth A mammoth 3012 Mammoth HR 3019 A mammoth HR 3020 A mammoth 3422 3017 Wotan I 3018 Wotan IA 3013 Wota

Eicher 680 VAC Turbo Eicher 777 SA Eicher 785 VA

UK Preservation tractorsEdit

Eicher Panther 295-2A tractor - 398 XUP at (75)Barleylands 2011 - IMG 6298

Eicher Panther 295-2A

Not many of these tractors are in UK in preservation with collectors. Please list any examples that are in the UK. or examples in museums or private collection around the world (please note the country and add a photo)

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