Gearbox in a Landrover chassis IMG 9011

A Gearbox for a Land Rover mounted in the rolling chassis with the engine (lhs)

A Gearbox is a mechanism that changes the input drive speed to a lower or higher output speed or reverses the direction of rotation. Tractor gear boxes are usually multi-ratio, with modern ones being of a Continuously variable design (CVT). Also referred to as the Transmission, as it transmits power from the Engine to the Wheels or other Mechanism's being driven. (Note: Transmission can also refer to the whole drive train of gearbox, Differential, Reductions, and Hubs ).

Types of GearboxEdit

List of ManufacturersEdit

  • A lot of tractor maker install there own design, but some models and Automatic ones are built by specialists.
  • Allinson
  • Brockhurst
  • Funk
  • ZF

Other Transmission PartsEdit

  • GKN Sanky - Axles
  • Kirstall - Axles
  • County - Reductions (creeper Gearboxes)

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