Garrett no. 33566 - Little Billy - Showmans - AD 9069 at Pickering 11 - IMG 8715-cropped

At Pickering Steam Rally 2011

This engine was built in July 1919 to order for contractors M B Browning of Stonehouse, Glos., who paid £1027 for it. It was then sold in ? to amusement caterers W Cole & Sons of Bristol, who had it converted to a showman's tractor, along with Garrett 4cd No. 33486 which they purchased at the same time. It was named Little Billy after one of Mr Cole's grandchildren (No. 33486 was named Little Jim, and also survives today in preservation as Queen of Great Britain).

Little Billy provided the power for Cole's Gondola Ride (1921 - 1945), which is now preserved in the Thursford Collection, Norfolk. It was last used by Cole's at the VJ celebrations at the end of WWII.

Little Billy is now in preservation as part of the Saunders Collection in Bedfordshire.

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