Garden Tractors are also called "Compact tractors" or "Horticultural Tractors" and are generally designed to be small, and lightweight to operate in the confined space of a garden or small holding plot.


British Anzani Iron Horse with implement displayed at Scammell Gathering 09 - IMG 9210

A Anzani 'Iron Horse' fitted with cultivator

BMB Hoe-mate

A BMB "Hoe-mate" Cultivator

Bolens garden tractor GDSF

A Bolens garden tractor

Kubota B6000 1975 Twose plough

A Kubota B6000 with plough

Newman GRP 19 No4 - lamma-IMG 4512

A Newman GRP 19 tractor (s/n no. 4)

Ransomes MG40 with bonnet 1965

A Ransomes MG40 Market Garden tractor

Rollo Croftmaster 7C

A Rollo Croftmaster with cultivator on at GDSF 2008 in the working area

Lawn tractors - Baggleys Machinery - IMG 9099

Mainstream ManufacturersEdit

Lots of small firms built compact tractors after the 2nd World war partially to use up capacity following the end of war related work and to meet demand but when recession hit a lot folded as demand dried up and as 2nd hand ex WD lend-lease machines became available the market shrunk.

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