Galloway 10/20
1924 Galloway 10.20 at Biggar Vintage Rally, August, 2008.jpg
1924 Galloway 10/20 at the annual Biggar Vintage Rally, August 2008
Production 1920–1925
1800 approx produced [1]
Engine(s) 1,460 cc (89 cu in) Straight-4 Side valve
Transmission(s) 3 speed, later 4 speed manual
Wheelbase 102 or 112 in (2,591 or 2,845 mm)[2]
Length 156 in (3,962 mm)[2]
Width 68 in (1,727 mm)[2]

The Galloway 10/20 was a early car model built in Scotland by Galloway a subsidary of the Arrol-Johnston car company, based in Dumfries.


Designed by T. C. Pullinger and Fred Neale from Hillman, and heavily influenced by the Fiat 501, the 10/20 used a straight four, side valve engine of 1460 cc driving the rear wheels through either a three or four speed gearbox in unit with the engine. Suspension was by semi elliptic leaf springs at the front and quarter elliptic springs at the rear.


Only 14 Galloway cars are believed to survive worldwide.

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