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GIAD Trucks Co. Ltd
Headquarters Giad, Sudan
Industry heavy trucks

GIAD Trucks Co. Ltd is a truck assembly company in Giad, Sudan that is part of the GIAD Auto Company, Ltd. They assemble trucks from Renault Trucks in France and MAN in Germany, under the brand names of GIAD Renault and GIAD MAN.[1]


GIAD Trucks Models
Model Year(s) of Production Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
GIAD MAN Tipper 18 410hp D2866LF32
GIAD MAN Tractor Unit 410hp D2866LF32 Giad man tractor unit
GIAD MAN Truck 25 410hp D2866LF32
GIAD Renault Tanker 1800 209hp D2866LF32
GIAD Renault Tanker 4500 347hp MIDR 06.23.56 Giad renault tanker 4500
GIAD Renault Tanker 5500 347hp MIDR 06.23.56
GIAD Renault Tipper 16 347hp MIDR 06.23.56 A/3
GIAD Renault Tipper 18 347hp MIDR 06.23.56
GIAD Renault Tractor Unit 347hp MIDR 06.23.56 A/3
GIAD Renault Truck 10 209hp MIDR 06.02.26 W/4
GIAD Renault Truck 25 347hp MIDR 06.23.56

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